Top 5 Luxury Bathroom Features Worth Investing In

At InterConstruct, we recognise that your bathroom is more than just a functional space and should be carefully personalised to fit the needs of your lifestyle and daily habits. While luxury bathroom features may seem like an indulgence, investing in quality finishes, fixtures, and hardware can elevate your bathroom experience

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Is Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Worth it?

Is Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Worth it? Any homeowner designing, creating, or renovating a kitchen space is familiar with the fundamental choice between stock, semi-custom, and custom kitchen cabinetry. While stock cabinets come in at a lower price point and have improved markedly in quality, they still don’t offer the wealth

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How The Right Colour Palette Can Transform Your Bathroom

Too often a practical afterthought, our bathrooms are essential spaces that deserve careful and intentional design considerations during any bathroom renovation project. After all, your bathroom is the staging ground for your morning and evening routines, the first place you visit each morning and the last you see before rolling

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